Bella Greenidge

Vlogger at inbedwithbella

"Going make up free has been a skin goal of mine, that up until this point, I had yet to achieve. Thanks to my hand-crafted skincare plan from Vibrancy Collective, I've managed to make it out and about without even a hint of corrector! 

When approaching Vibrancy Collective, I noted mild hormonal acne, discoloration/acne scars, and dull complexion as my main points of concern. I also began developing black heads which enlarged my pores and made my skin look congested. After a quick consult, my custom plan was ready within a few weeks! 

My favorite clarifying products are definitely the Matcha CITRON scrub (which doubles as a mask) and the Remedy Serum (both customized for my skincare needs). I love how smooth my skin feels after I rinse off the licorice scented scrub and how easily it absorbs all the goodness of the serum. Followed by a couple of spritzes of Rose Glow hydrosol (I'll admit I use this all day everyday - under makeup, on top of makeup, etc), my skin glows all day long. 

Huge thanks to the Vibrancy Collective for helping me feel comfortable in my own, clean skin!"

Ariel Mchenry

urban development student

"It has always been a frustrating experience trying to master a skin care routine that is both effective and worth the cost. My main objective in trying Vibrancy Collective was to educate myself on what is being put onto my skin and absorbed into my body, especially since it is already super sensitive. I spoke to Camila about my discoloration concerns and the acne build up on my cheeks and jawline. We wanted to focus on soothing the skin and cutting down the inflammation and irritation.

I’ve worked the Remedy Serum (which totally lives up to its name) into my daily & nightly routine, luxuriating in how moisturized my face feels all day long. I’ve learned that the Matcha Citron Scrub works well at reducing discoloration on the elbows, knees and places that experience lots of friction. My favorite is the Mending Mask because it does not dry out like typical masks - meaning you feel the moisture on your face immediately after and can set it with the rose glow Hydrosol spritzer if you need a refresher in the morning. I really enjoy finding different combinations for the products because they’re lightweight and all-naturalness means you can customize the routine to use as little or all of the products and still see an effect."


energy healer &


"All of the products that I have personally used from Vibrancy Collective have been amazing, from the rose glow skin tonic, to yoni steam herbs, to the mood enhancing elixirs to face masks... I have seen and felt a tremendous change since discovering their magic! My favorite is the rose glow with calendula and rose water, the quality of the ingredients is excellent in that they're organic and super pure which is important for me because I have extremely sensitive skin. The texture and elasticity of my skin has improved dramatically. It hydrates and I have even noticed a difference in areas where I had hyper-pigmentation. In all Vibrancy collective is a super clean and conscious line and you can feel the love and care infused into each concoction. Try it out, you will be happy you did!"