COLO(U)RS: Functional Tonics Connecting You to Music

I had been pining over new ways that I could get sustainably and actively involved with my community through Wellness. I always refer to myself as the "resident witch" in group setting because I quite literally am known for whipping up homeopathic folk remedies that taste hella bomb and bringing them to events. 

One day I was venting to my brother Def.Sound about needing new projects and purpose. Def is an artist, musician, and frankly - I'd confidently call him a poet. With a new album on the way and a fresh single ready to be dropped, Def came up with a innovative idea unlike any other I'd heard of.

3 functional tonics, 3 colors, and a downloadable link to his new single on each bottle purchased. WHAT?! We're about to flip music distribution and media consumption on it's head. Literally. 

The best working relationships are REALationships, so it only seemed natural for us to converge on the project that is COLO(U)RS.

We want to bring you a song release with more meaning, three flavors, three colors, and a multitude of health benefits. Every bottle of COLO(U)RS comes with an opportunity to connect with your music & your body on layered sensory channels. Drinking COLO(U)RS is music that’s good for your health.

We've been popping up all over town and people are sort of losing their minds over this concept - and because the drinks ARE FIRE. Currently we're working to bring tonics to a retail shelf near you, but for now you'll have to catch us at our next vending gig.

Stay up to date with all of our events via Instagram @vibrancycollective + @def.sound