Winter Solstice Gathering

Whoaaaaaa. Winter IN Los Angeles can be very confusing - like, does winter even come to full fruition down South? I mean, sort of. So much of our emotional state is reliant on the season's of the earth, and we can detect these changes based on the characteristics of the different seasons. Winter, for instance, signifies a time to bundle up and go inside. This doubles as a metaphor in the need for us as spiritual beings to take time to do an internal inventory, checks and balances. Go inside YOURSELF - What is coming up for you? What have you been holding on to, and what are you ready to honor and/or release? It can be a lot. And this is where myself and my dear co-creators and sisters (Emma, and Aura) stepped in to support the self identifying women in our community.

The three of us put together a Winter Solstice Gathering to hold space during a time that can typically feel chaotic, where seasonal depression can set in and make you want to pull your hair out. The holidays. Oh, the holidays. It can seriously be rough if you don't fit into the narrow box of which society dictates your eligibility to enjoy the season rightfully. Which is total bullshit, by the way. But the idea here was to open up a space where we could allow our emotions, thoughts, fears, and hopes to flow freely for consideration amongst other women. 

We curated the evening with Yin Yoga, Meditation, Storytelling from the book of Women Who Runs With Wolves, an Intention Setting writing activity, Releasing Ceremony where we wrote down and burned old stagnant energies, and some plant-based noms and herbal tonics by your's truly. It was a seriously magical evening where everyone who attended got the opportunity to open up and unwind and unplug (Side note: Emma made us all seal our phones in envelopes for the duration of the gathering - YIKES! BUT SO WORTH IT!) We genuinely did ourselves a tremendous service by showing up and doing this work. It was an honorable time to reflect on the season, time of year and state of planet, and remind ourselves from the shadows comes light!

“Unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others because the world outside of you is only a reflection of the world inside of you."